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Lanka Kade Jurassic toy world

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This Jurassic-themed wooden toy playscene is the perfect for children aged 3 years and above. Featuring a lush jungle, rocky waterfalls, an erupting volcano and a barron volcanic landscape, this toy playscene brings the prehistoric world to life. Your child will love playing and discovering the hidden pathways, climbing the rocky terrain and dodging the molten lava spewing from the volcano. Whether your little one is a budding paleontologist or simply loves to play, this Jurassic wooden toy playscene is sure to inspire imaginations.

This Jurassic toy world:

  • is made from two parts which slot together to assemble four distinctive quarters; jungle, waterfall, volcano and barren landscapes.
  • is not provided with any characters, animals or push alongs – these are sold separately
  • is a chunky size – the pieces are 15mm thick
  • is made from sustainably sourced rubber wood and non toxic paints
  • is supplied in an informative box (an easy shape to wrap if a gift!)
  • is compatible with our range of wooden toys