Sensory reflective mystery balls

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Robustly constructed from stainless steel, these 6 reflective mirror balls look identical but have individual characteristics so each one behaves differently. The balls might wobble when rolled, two of the balls are silent but one of these won’t roll in a straight line, others have contents that feel different to each other when twisted, spun or shaken, and some of the balls make different shaker or rattle sounds.

The hand finished shiny mirror surface provides a distorted fish-eye lens reflection which is fascinating for children to observe. They are robustly constructed from hard wearing stainless steel, are lightweight, smooth and tactile to handle and can be of particular appeal to children with SEND, or for those requiring inspiration in creative language.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for using in sensory play resources:
• Chemical free – no toxins
• Durable – strong and lightweight
• Hygienic – non-porous and naturally bacteria resistant

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Supports the following areas of learning:

• Personal Development - sensory
• Communicatin & Language - descriptive language
• Understanding the World - observation
• Understanding the World - sound
• Physical Development - hand-eye coordination
• Physical Development - motor skills


Ball Mysteries

Ball 1: Nothing inside. Shaking produces no sound. Behaves normally when rolled and bounced.
Ball 2: 10 steel balls inside (6mm dia.) Shaking produces a rattle sound, followed by whirling sound. Rolls normally but also with a whirling sound. Bounces normally.
Ball 3: Sand inside. Shaking produces a gentle sound. Refuses to roll backwards or forwards. Spins in an eccentric arc and does not bounce.
Ball 4: Gravel inside. Shaking produces a rattle sound, similar to Ball 2 but with no whirling sound. Rolls normally with a scratchy sound. Bounces normally.
Ball 5: Large single steel ball inside. Shaking produces a heavy clonking sound followed by a rolling sound. Rolls in a zigzag pattern. Bounces normally but a double bounce can be heard as the large ball inside bounces too.
Ball 6: Eccentric weight inside. Shaking produces no sound. Rolls unpredictably in any direction. Bounces normally.

Please note that the balls should be used in accordance with the advisory note included in the set.


Size: 100mm dia. Pk6.

Age: Suitable for all ages.

Product code: 72203