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Phonics activity cards - phase 2

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The Phase 2 Phonics Activity Cards – a dynamic and educator-approved resource designed for children aged 3-5 years old. Created by two former outstanding teachers, these cards are the perfect tool to kickstart your child's reading and writing journey in a fun and engaging way.

Key Features:

  • Teacher Crafted: Developed by experienced educators, the Phase 2 Phonics Activity Cards reflect a deep understanding of early childhood learning. The activities align with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum  and provide a solid foundation for literacy development.
  • Age Appropriate Learning: Tailored for children aged 3-5 years old, the activities are designed to captivate young minds during this crucial developmental phase. Each card is a gateway to unlocking the world of letters and sounds, setting the stage for future academic success.
  • Playful and Engaging Activities: Learning is most effective when it's enjoyable. These cards feature a variety of playful activities that make phonics a delightful experience. From interactive games to creative activities, your child will be excited to dive into the world of phonics.
  • Home Friendly Resources: We understand the importance of convenience for parents. That's why each activity on the cards utilises common household items, ensuring that you can seamlessly integrate learning into your daily routine. No need for special materials – just grab what you have at home and let the learning adventure begin! Explore the full list of equipment for the Phase 2 Phonics Activity Cards here.
  • Read and Write with Confidence: The activities on these cards focus on building foundational skills in reading and writing. Through carefully crafted games and activities, your child will develop phonological awareness, letter recognition, and early writing skills, laying the groundwork for future phonics success.
  • Parent Friendly Design: These cards are not just for teachers – they are designed with parents in mind. Clear instructions and helpful tips make it easy for you to guide your child through each activity, fostering a positive learning experience at home.

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  • Teaches alphabet letters and their sounds
  • Develops blending skills for reading
  • Supports segmenting skills for spelling

Pack Information:

In Phase 2, children are introduced to 20 letters and their corresponding sounds, along with five tricky words:

  • I
  • go
  • no
  • to
  • the

The Phase 2 phonics activity pack includes 22 A6 cards:

  • One double-sided phonics information card
  • 20 phonics activity cards
  • One tricky words card with three bonus games

Each activity card features:

  • A main Go activity
  • An extension Grow activity
  • A  Grab list of required items
  • A word bank
  • A colour photograph of the activity