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Lanka Kade natural orange & black delivery person

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Young children love learning all about people and the world around them. Our range of People Who Help Us wooden toy characters are perfect for capturing their imaginations and engaging them in this important topic through play. 

Our range includes a variety of people who children need to know about including doctors, nurses, police offices, firefighter, delivery people, emergency services and many more. This topic is so important for children and our wooden toys will help little ones learn through play and become familiar with key workers and the people who could help them in an emergency. 

This colourful natural wood delivery person figure has an orange and black design with a beautiful wood grain edge - each one is unique! Add this delivery person to any children's toy collection for hours of play at a pocket money price. 

This colourful natural wood orange and black delivery person is:

  • printed on both sides with an orange and black design showing a natural wood grain edge
  • a super chunky size at 25mm thick
  • made from eco friendly wood
  • perfect for party bags, small world play, story sacks and more