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Giant emotions fishing

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Contents:  18 discs, 2 fishing rods and a storage bag
Age:  2+
Packaging:  Sturdy Reusable Carton
Cleaning Method:  Hand Wash with Mild Sterilizing Detergent
Piece Count:  21

  • Let's talk! This set encourages children to have conversations around emotions.
  • Children hook the discs with their fishing rods and identify the emotion they have picked!
  • Giant Emotions Fishing will improve motor skills, develop hand-eye co-ordination skills and encourage collaborative play.
  • Includes 3 of each expression (happy, sad, angry, upset, worried and surprised) in 3 skin tones.
  • The 18 discs are made from durable HDPE and are approximately 20cm long and the fishing rods are 72cm long.
  • Contains 18 discs, 2 fishing rods and a storage bag.

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