Learning through stories (part 3) - Let's have story time

  • The right distance: Newborn babies can focus only about 25cm away - about the distance from your face to theirs when you hold them in the crook of your arm. Hold books at this distance to help your baby see the pictures. As vision develops over the months, babies begin to judge distances and reach out to touch and explore books.
  • Repeat, repeat: You will soon find out which books are your baby's favourites. You can share these as often as you like as babies love to hear the same books again and again.
  • Timing: Sometimes your baby won't be in the mood for a book. They might be tired or hungry and may push the book away, Notice your baby's cues and try again another time. 
  • Make it up: Feel free to chance some, or all of the words in a story. The shared nature of the interactions between you and your baby are the most important thing.  If the books have no words let your imagination lead you! You can cuddle up together and share books, chatting about pictures and making up stories to go with them.