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Phonics Activity Cards - Phase 6 (Play Makes Sense)

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Learning About Grammar and Spelling Rules Have Never Been So Fun!

The Phase 6 phonics cards introduce your child to grammar and spelling rules. The activities in the Phase 6 pack will help your child become confident with the past and present tense, prefixes, suffixes, contractions, mnemonics and much more.

Each phonics game is simple for you to set up and meaningful and engaging for your child. Packed with over 40 activities, these phonics cards contain everything you need to get your child started with grammar and spelling rules. Your child will be having so much fun that they won't realise they are learning. 

The activities use items that you probably already have at home. 

Perfect for children in Year 2 and Key Stage 1 (aged 6 - 7 years old). 

- Teaches the past and present tense
- Develops knowledge of spelling rules 
- Supports understanding of grammar 

Pack Information 

In Phase 6 children are introduced to grammar and spelling rules. There are also three tricky skills for children to learn.

The tricky skills taught in Phase 6 are:
-using a dictionary

The pack contains 27 cards: 
- One double sided information card 
- 25 activity cards 
- One tricky words card with three bonus games 

Each activity card includes:
- A main activity 
- An extension activity 
- A list of items needed 
- A word bank 
- A photograph of the activity