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Bug Detective: Amazing facts, myths and quirks of nature book

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Did you know?

Ladybirds have poisonous knees! (poisonous to spiders, anyway)If you weighed all of the ants in the world they would weigh more than all of the humans in the world!

Worms can have up to 5 hearts!

Centipedes have been around for more than 400 million years, they are even older than dinosaurs!

Search high and low to discover interesting facts, track down odd information and dispel myths about the insect world. A handy magnifying glass is provided to help you investigate the hidden details within each spread - there are over 100 little extras waiting to be found.

A new interactive illustrated approach to nature guides suitable for 5 years upwards.

Packed full of amazing information and fun illustrations for children to pore over. Comes with a brilliant magnifying glass to get kids searching for the extra details within each page

This guide to all things insect challenges what is commonly known as a nature guide; it is a fun and informative insight into the world of the smallest critters and their private lives. No leaf is left unturned.


Ladybirds, Beetles, Butterflies, Worms, Stick Insects, Snails, Flies, Bees, Spiders, Centipedes and Ants.


Hardback book.