What's in the bag?

Placing an object in a bag for your baby to find encourages exploration. Staying close by, giving quiet attention and being ready to help if needed, will help your baby feel safe and secure and discover the wild around them.
Each time you open the bag:
1. Anticipate - express interest about what’s in the bag and convey a sense of excitement to help your baby anticipate what is coming next.
2. Explore - encourage your baby to feel the objects inside the bag before opening it. Try to guess shapes and sizes to help your baby think about different properties.
3. Listen - before opening the bag together, help your baby investigate whether the object makes a sound. Does it rustle, rattle or jingle?
4. Discover - help your baby to open the bag and discover what’s inside. Your baby is learning how curiosity and investigation can lead to the reward of discovery.
We have a huge range of sensory resources, everyday products and heuristic play loose parts that are perfect for sensory bag play activities.