Happy feet play mats

Sensory stimulation optimises development in children

In order to optimise cognitive and motor development in children, you have to ensure that they are building a sufficient foundation in sensory stimulation. From touch and sound to colour and smell, sensory input early in childhood lays the foundation to higher brain processing including learning, memory, attention, emotion, and movement.

Insufficient stimulation can lead to impaired muscular movements, overreaction to stress, emotional disturbances, and learning deficits.

Happy Feet Play Mats is family run and born out of a passion for finding the best and most stimulating toys and accessories to support the development of our two beautiful children. 

Our interest and passion for our children's development comes from our professional backgrounds. This Includes practicing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with a keen interest in child development and a former sports coach with extensive experience in Young Athlete Development in Fundamental Movement Skills and Fundamental Sports Skills.

We were originally attracted to these orthopaedic play mats because we loved how they looked and when we looked a little deeper the health and development benefits became apparent. The mats are designed as orthopaedic play mats to promote healthy foot development, prevent and correct foot disorders and stimulate and develop those all important fine motor skills.

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