Tagua counting pieces

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From the heart of the Amazon grows a special tree called the Tagua, or ivory palm. It produces an extraordinary fruit, the Tagua nut, which has been used for buttons, jewellery and carved objects for centuries.

The purchase of the nut supports the employment of nearly 35,000 indigenous people. The income received from Tagua crops is a strong incentive to maintain the trees. The nut is harvested and left to dry for 3 years. Once cut into manageable pieces it is shaped and polished and coloured with natural dyes.

Each cotton drawstring bag contains 250g of these stunning tagua nut counters in assorted sizes and colours.

Used a lot in jewellery making these pieces are also perfect for counting, stacking, sensory play, loose parts play and for creating pictures and patterns etc.

Shapes and sizes of pieces vary in each bag.

Theses are not a toy. NOT suitable for ages under 3years. Adult supervision always recommended.