New beginnings

New beginnings

The website is live, postcards are printed and our airing cupboard is jam packed full of lovely resources including new, preloved and hand made items.

We have grand plans for Little Acorns over the next year and we’d really like it to be more than just be another online shop. We hope to create a Little Acorns community. Having worked in early years for a number of years I know how supportive and relational early childhood specialists are. They are passionate about making a difference to young children and do this by creating rich learning environments and interactions. I hope both the Facebook page and shop becomes a vehicle to support early years colleagues and parents of young children develop their practice, share experiences, ideas and ways of working. I also want to share really simple ideas and top tips for parents and practitioners on how to get the best out of our resources including how they can be used to support children’s language development.

Early childhood play should be a sensory, visual experience but not too over stimulating. Resources need to enable children to be creative and explore through their senses which is why we love open ended, heuristic play resources and treasure baskets so much.

Little Acorns is about creating opportunities for children to learn and develop through play and we are confident our specially selected and created resources will engage children and provide rich learning experiences especially when used to support interactions. Our resources and your engagement with your child will help the littlest of acorns grow into the mightiest  of oaks! Can you see what we did there? The tree related name is also important as natural materials are so important to us and wood, shiny cold metal and soft wool provide rich sensory learning experiences for little explorers. Preloved resources have always been important to us (that largely comes from Jo’s love of charity shops!) and as well as new resources we will always have a small range of interesting trays, kitchen sets, retro phones and beautiful trinkets that can be used in your setting or home. Jo is the creative force in the team and incredibly talented. If we can’t find something we want to sell in our shop she will make it. She’s very careful about the materials she uses and makes sure everything is safe and suitable for little explorers. 

So please take a look at our website, follow us on Instagram and get in touch on Facebook. Here's to an exciting first year!