Exploring winter guest blog: @outdoormum_ - 5 tips for walking with kids in the winter

Exploring winter guest blog: @outdoormum_ - 5 tips for walking with kids in the winter

Thank you @outdoormum_ 

For us getting out for a walk is like a reset button. Teething baby, go for a walk. Bored 6 year old, go for a walk. Housework to do? Go for a walk. This being said dragging kids out into the cold can be tricky so here’s our tried and tested tips!

1.  There’s no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing

I would highly recommend investing in good quality waterproofs, we have got a few bargains in sales and second hand! For us it’s all about layers instead of bulky snowsuits. This means that when it goes from pouring rain, to winter sun, to snow in the space of an hour you can easily add or remove a layer. Another fun tip is reusable hand warmers for their pockets, a novelty for the kids but also a fab finger saver for longer winter walks.

2. Walking games to keep them going 

 With nearly every walk there hits a point where I hear ‘are we nearly back’. This is when these games save the day. Here’s our favourites;

  • A simple scavenger hunt 
  • Eye spy 
  • The A-Z game (loads of options for this but our favourite is animals, A- Alligator B- Bat)
  • Hide and seek 
  • Animal tracking (even better in the snow!)
  • Shopping list game 

3. SNACKS!!!

The most important thing for any walk with a child! When it comes to snacks in winter make sure that they're easy to eat with gloves on, so I would avoid things like crisps. Cereal bars, bananas and emergency chocolate are our favourites. Another fab winter tip is take a flask of hot juice or milk for the kids, nothing better on an icy cold day. 

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4. If you’re lucky enough to get a snowy walk take a sledge 

Got a toddler that prefers not to walk the whole time? Bring a sledge and let them ride on that, mine both love it. It also makes walking up the hills exciting for the older ones because what goes up must come down! 

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5. Stick to shorter walks

The middle of winter isn’t the time to go on new long walks. Stick to ones you know and ones you can bail back to the car if needs be. Woods that you can explore/play in not far from the car is a perfect option. Saves you the long slog back if gloves get soaked, the weather takes a turn or the toddler decides they're having none of it!


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