6 ways to extend magnetic tile play using loose parts

6 ways to extend magnetic tile play using loose parts

The wonderful thing about open-ended toys is that, unlike many toys that operate on a one-way-to-play action, children can use them to play in a different way every time. Open-ended toys are ultimately child lead, with no directions or specific way that they need to be played with. Not only this, they are also a great way for children to express themselves creatively, opening the door for imaginative play and learning.

Connetix Train Track

Whilst we love playing with Connetix alone, combining Connetix with other loose parts and toys is another fun way to extend play. Here is a list of our favourites that might inspire your play in some way too.

Connetix and train sets

I loved discovering my children putting together this combination. Building train tracks develops so many skills alone and to add in the Connetix ‘stations’ and tunnels really added a further element of imagination to this play moment.  Our train tracks haven’t been on the favourites list for quite some time however the added open-ended materials have given them a fresh lease of life.

Connetix and animals / mythical creatures

Whether it is to create a farm, zoo enclosure, contraption to trap a dinosaur or a fairy home – your little animal lover will be engrossed in play.

Connetix Tiles Farm Animals


Connetix with Schleich
Connetix Wooden Toys


Connetix and wooden toys

Why not combine your favourite wooden toys with your Connetix. 

Connetix and * * (insert your child’s current favourite toy obsession here).

Does your child have an obsession with Lego people? Peppa Pig?

If it is giving hours of wonderful play to your little one that involves imagination, creativity and language skills (and so much more!!) then embrace it!

Connetix and Cars

Why not add some toy cars into your Connetix play. Create ramps, car parks or roads. Explore rolling and weight, planning and engineering and so much more! 

Connetix and Loose parts

Loose parts are a wonderful open-ended manipulative that can really change the way you think about a toy. Why not add some nature loose parts such as sticks, leaves and nuts, raid your craft cupboard or even your recyclables for some bits and pieces that may offer another way to play and further develop your child’s imagination.

Connetix Tiles Monster Trucks