5 things to do in the Christmas holidays

Here are five things you could do together which might help keep your little ones busy and entertained over the Christmas holidays.

1. Turn your cardboard boxes into a pirate ship, a castle, a fairy house, a boat, rocket or a car! Have fun and get creative!

2. Make a magical den. Use sheets, blankets, boxes anything suitable that you can find around the house. You could all snuggle up in the den and tell stories and sing songs.

3. Find clean and safe resources in your recycling and get creative! You could make musical instruments with a kitchen roll tube, a puppet for your stories with a milk carton, a bird feeder from a yoghurt pot or do a bit of junk modelling!

4. Wrap up warm and go for a winter walk. Whilst you’re out and about try to spot signs of winter. Look at the clothes people wear, why do we need a hat, gloves, coat? Look for frost and if it’s very cold, ice! Look for trees with missing leaves, pinecones, and pine trees.

5. Build a gingerbread house. This is a lovely festive activity to do together and a great opportunity to encourage early maths, fine motor skills and gives opportunities for sorting, recognising shapes and measuring.

Thank you Foundation Years Trust