5 days of festive fun: day 2 - Christmas sensory bottles

5 days of festive fun: day 2 - Christmas sensory bottles

Baby and toddler sensory play can include glitter, sequins and lots of tiny, shiny delights! Homemade sensory bottlles give young children access to exploring all sorts of interesting materials that would normally be off limits.

Sensory bottles are really quick and easy to make, so you can put together an interesting selection for your child to explore. All you need is a clean plastic bottle with a well-fitting lid, some super glue to make sure the fastening is secure, and some interesting contents to go in your bottle.

Just be sure to fasten on the lid of your bottle absolutely securely, and supervise your child all the time they are playing with their bottles. You might like to place a layer of super glue inside the bottle top, so that when it is screwed on tight it is very securely held shut.

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