30 Days Wild Blog Day 18: A Walk in the Woods

30 Days Wild Blog Day 18: A Walk in the Woods

Thank you Snéhal (mommy.snippets) for sharing this beautiful poem.

This morning we went for a walk in the woods.

Just you and me after what seemed like ages.

You were enamoured by the way in which the trees embraced each other, by how the wildflowers smiled happily as we sauntered across, by how the sun shone through the foliage as if it were a spotlight.

We spoke about the Gruffalo and his friends.

We also spoke about the Tales of Acornwood.

Your voice attained a slight quiver as you were overcome with pure excitement.

You began hunting for bugs and delighted in their appearance.

A squirrel devouring a nut made you squeal in amusement. 


We walked some more and suddenly you paused and ran the other way.

Confused, I ran too, calling after you to stop.

You eventually stopped, where the wildflowers grew and reached out to me with a handful of blossoms.

"These are for you, mummy"

And just like that you my darling made my day.